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Mary Meeker's 2018 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meekers annual report on Internet Trends is out (this started in 1995). Recode has the report, a very top-line summary, and the video of Meeker presenting slides (which, as she says, are meant to be read vs. presented). You can also download the deck directly from Slideshare.

While there aren't many surprises for industry professionals, there is a ton of data and seemingly endless fuel for thought and follow-up. The insights are less about what is happening, and more about how, why, and where it is happening. The report can be first digested in whole, then broken down by topic and applied to your particular issues.

At first glance topics I am struck by and will dig deeper into are: artificial intelligence, uses and privacy issues in Data in 2018, the scale and growth of continued professional learning and its critical importance of advancing careers, the continuing rise of China in the overall Internet economy, the evolution of the "on-demand" economy and changes in work in general, and the evolution of e-commerce.

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